While working from home used to be a dream for most, these times of uncertainty have made it a compulsion for so many of us. And even though it sounds like a wonderful prospect, working from home comes with its own challenges.

Leaving the “home mode” and getting into the “work mode” can be difficult mentally if the physical state remains the same, with you never leaving your house and having your bed mere steps away. Amid such a situation, how to feel inspired to be productive and get work done in such cozy, relaxing conditions?

Sure, it is easy to simply plop down on your couch in your loungewear and make that your ‘new office’. However, in order to truly achieve the clear distinction between professional and personal life at home, it is important to have a certain space designated just for work.

Giving this careful thought is essential both for your productivity and your present state of mind, as a remote worker. To help make your home workspace at par for maximum efficiency as well as to break the monotony, here is a list of upgrades that we believe will work the best to make your work (and life) easier.

Sit-stand Desks

Your study table and dining surface do not typically match up to the industry standards for a good work desk height. And contrary to popular opinions, desks should never be just an afterthought. Especially for those with jobs that require you to be on your computer all day, having a comfortable, well-organized place to work is more than essential.

We recommend you to try a sit-and-stand or adjustable standing desks. They do not occupy a lot of workspace and easily move up and down to ensure flow in movement all day. Along with this, there are several other health benefits that you may find here . In this manner, such desks can help you in staying healthy and focused, and building momentum for an overall more productive day.To get your standing desk today, please visit www.flowlyf.com

Ergonomic Chairs
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You have got to accept it; you cannot stay and work in bed forever. And no, the couch or the dining chair cannot suffice either. You eventually need a decent ergonomic chair that will support your back and your posture, saving them from permanent damage.

The most ideal chair models are ergonomic in nature and have a lot of adjustability in height, sufficient support to the abdomen, and comfortable armrests. While you can always choose something that matches the aesthetics of your desk and the room, making sure it’s comfortable is all the more important!

Good Lighting
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Considering the amount of time you typically spend staring at your screen all day, you will need some really good lighting to prevent the eye strain caused. Not to mention, good lighting will ensure you look fabulous on those client and internal Zoom video calls.

In case you do not have natural or overhead light, you may need a good task light. Regardless, if you happen to still use a cheap plastic lamp that you picked up when thrifting years ago (yes, guilty as charged); maybe it is finally time to upgrade

Reliable Electronics and WiFi
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When working from home, one of the most frustrating things is dealing with a faulty internet connection or non-reliable electronics. These factors may prevent you from doing your job well, from wreaking havoc on client or internal calls to loss of work due to sudden issues in the system, delay in sending things across because of slower internet connection, etc.

Therefore, an essential part of having a productive working space is undoubtedly reliable electronics and a fast wireless router, both of which you know you can count on!

A Personal Touch
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Your office at home is not just an efficient space to get your work done. It is your personal little workspace after all, it should ideally be an accurate representation of who you are. Bring certain dynamics in it and add some of your personality to make it come to life.

From photos of loved ones or your favourite music band, souvenirs from past travels, attractive little artworks, a mini indoor garden- the list of little things that you can add to make your home office your own corner is limitless! Now, the only question that remains is: pants or pyjamas? Are there any upgrades that we forgot to include but you believe would be a great addition to this list? Let us know!

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