What is better for back pain: Exercise ball or desk chair?

Excersie Ball

Is it possible to reduce the pain of sitting too long by using a yoga ball or an exercise ball instead of a seat? Research suggests that it is unlikely. Here’s why.We are a culture that was comfortable sitting , regardless of whether it was required by our profession or just for leisure back at […]

The 3 surprising benefits of microbreak(s) for desk workers


A microbreak is a short break taken voluntarily by a person to break the monotony of work and recharge their body. It can last from 1 minute to 5 minutes, depending on the activity one likes to do in that period. The activities one does in a microbreak range from just walking around in fresh […]

How to Boost Workplace Wellbeing Within Your Business ?

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The wellbeing of employees is vital (not an option to have) and increasing numbers of businesses recognise the need to invest in employee health and wellbeing. What is workplace wellbeing? The work environment is more than having a bunch of employees who show up, perform their job and then head home. Workplace wellness covers all […]