Standing Desks are becoming more popular for office workers. Is it the right time to invest in one? Any why?

As per World Health Organisation data, one in four adults are not getting enough exercise. They estimate that up to five million deaths each year could be prevented in the event that the entire population were more active.

At a micro-level each of us can enhance our health by increasing daily activity levels. The workplace is a good starting point since the majority of us work 8 hours per day working at our desks. The easy act of having an upright desk and moving between a standing and sitting posture regularly is an easy method to boost your activity levels, health and increase in performance.

In Scandinavia, standing desks are the norm and companies are being required to provide a sit-stand desk for each employee. There’s a reason behind this, with growing amounts of evidence from science that shows exercising regularly helps you in staying healthier and more productive.

What are the advantages of standing desks?

Standing Desks

Utilising the stand desk offers multiple physical and mental health benefits, as well as productivity improvements. Research has proven that mixing your work habits between sitting and standing work positions can help you stay active and increase the amount of calories you burn and stimulate certain muscles.

– Increase blood circulation
– Boost your metabolism
– Engage key muscle groups
– Improve performance

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