The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted many aspects of people’s lives. One of the lasting effects of this pandemic and the resulting lockdowns across the globe has been the massive shift in working arrangements. Covid-19 has swept the workplace like a hurricane, scattering employees in every direction, exposing many to new risks, and redefining what each one needs to do in their jobs safely, efficiently, and effectively.

Many companies have moved to a hybrid work model allowing employees to work remotely most of the time. Work cultures are now redefining themselves to focus more on results and less on physical attendance. Online meetings have become the norm due to Pandemic. Individuals are now able to integrate work life with home life. While a new work culture evolves, businesses will now need to create social experiences to build more productive teams. With work-from-home becoming the new norm, here are few benefits of it:

Flexible Schedule

While getting used to remote working setup is initially hectic, it has helped bring about greater flexibility once streamlined. For instance, there are no more defined lunch breaks and one can take multiple shorter breaks at any moment whenever they’d feel overwhelmed or even to interact with family at any point of time.

More Savings
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Though internet bandwidth costs have been an addition, employees are saving significantly on their daily commutation costs in this new work culture.

No Transportation Issues
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No stuffing yourself into a carpool or a metro train, having people scuff your new shoes and breathe against your neck. When you work from home you can avoid traffic and crowds.

Beyond Working From ‘Home’
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While people are working from home and it has thus been named so, they are not limited to just that setup. Many people have seized the opportunity of working remotely to travel to their preferred locations such as beaches, mountains, etc. where they could feel rejuvenated as they work. Therefore, combining work with the much-needed getaway has been made possible with remote working.

Better Work-Life Balance
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Employees are working from home now and this pandemic is here to stay for at least some more time. For those working from home, concentrating on their health and being able to take care of themselves in an effective manner is an added advantage.

Impact on Sustainability
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A very subtle but sure impact that this work culture is being created on the overall environment. Lower carbon emissions due to lesser travel, for instance, has already been impacting the environment positively. The pandemic may have been the catalyst for remote work for millions of employees around the world. Indeed, the benefits of working from home impact so many things on a global scale that it is sure to become a different yet impactful path forward, redefining the general perspective towards desk jobs!

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