The bad reputation that sitting has earned is a negative one. Sitting for long periods of time at a computer has been shown to have a negative effect on your health. As a result, 85% of employees report discomfort at work. There is good news for modern office workers: The sit-stand desk, or simply Standing office desk. This ergonomically sound tool is quickly becoming a popular choice for office workers.

Sit-stand desks encourage workers not to sit all the time. This has a range of spine-specific benefits, from reducing pressure on the back to burning some calories. You might consider investing in an adjustable desk that allows for you to stand or sit at your desk. Here are some important considerations.

Should I buy a new, sit-stand desk or one that fits on top of my existing desk?

Sit-Stand, standing desk

It all depends on how much space you have. A stand-alone, sit-stand desk may be more practical if you have more space or prefer to spread your work out over a greater area. A sit-stand unit that is placed on top of your existing desk might be a better choice if your current workspace is adequate.

Can the height of the sit-stand desks be adjusted?


Because you might need different heights for different tasks, it is important that your desk height can be adjusted. You may prefer one height to write and another for working on your computer. It is important that your desk height can be adjusted to accommodate different work and height preferences. BIFMA (business and institutional furniture manufacturers) recommends that the height range is between 22.6 and 48.7 inches. However, the actual range should be determined by the people who use the desk.

What should be the depth of my sit-stand desk?

The depth of a desk refers to the distance from the tabletop when the desk faces you. A desk should be at least 24 inches deep. For those who need more work space, this depth will be ideal. You can choose from smaller depths if you don’t need or want as much space.

What is the importance of weight capacity?


Sit-stand desks are capable of supporting most desktop items such as computers, phones, and other devices. If you have heavy items, you should check the weight restrictions for the model of sit-stand desk you are interested in. You should be able find an adjustable desk model that suits your needs, as each desk has different weight restrictions.

What should I spend for a sit-stand desk and how much?

Standing Desks

This will depend on what quality you are looking for and your budget. Sit-stand desks come in many price ranges, just like most other things. Sit-stand desks can be a long-term investment. Don’t choose the cheapest option just because it is cheaper. Consider the quality and durability of the desk before you buy. A lifetime warranty is available to cover you financially in the event of a desk breaking down.

What bells & whistles should you keep in mind when I’m considering my purchase?

The range of sit-stand desks is wide in quality and convenience. These amenities are worth considering:

Do I need to keep my desk up all day?

With all the attention that sitting gets, you may instinctively want to stand all day. Standing for prolonged periods of time can cause as much damage to your spine as sitting all day. It is best to change your postures throughout the day. It’s best to move around after sitting down for more than an hour. After standing for a while, it’s time to get up and move around. A sit-stand desk has the advantage of encouraging you to change positions throughout the day. This is great for your spine.

Be prepared for a transition period once you are ready to make the leap to a sit-stand adjustable desk. Although it may seem odd, standing at work can cause fatigue if your body has been used to sitting all day. It is possible to make the transition easier by slowly increasing the time you spend standing. Wearing supportive shoes and a gel mat can help. Although there will be some adjustment, the long-term benefits from a sit-stand desk will outweigh any inconvenience. You will be a blessing to your employees and their spines.

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