Installation Guide

Step 1

Open the core box & take out all the components

Step 2

Get your hands off and enjoy the view! Marble and acacia come together to give you an easy port to get hand free anywhere you wantOpen the surface box. You will see another protection cover inside. Lay it flat and put the top on it.

Step 3

Using the L-Key, unscrew the security cover and keep it on the side. Note : This is only a shipping safety measure for the control box. You can discard or keep it.

Step 4

Unscrew the end screws on both sides of the metal bar, These are TYPE A screws to fit the height adjustable column.

Step 5

Take both the height-adjustable columns and place them in their respective slots (1&2). Make sure they’re aligned and fix them using the L-key and type A screws.

Step 6

Once this is done, connect the column wires to the control box as shown in the video shared.

Step 7

Take the bases & place them on both the columns. Secure them using TYPE B screws & L-Key.

Step 8

Take the control panel and the main plug wire out, and connect to the control box. You can loop them through the security cover if you decide to retain it.

Step 9

If you are keeping the security cover, then use the same screws & L-Key to seal it back.

Step 10

You will see two grooves on either side of the table’s edge, Choose your side to fix the control panel. Align the panel grooves to these ones and secure using TYPE C screws & L=Key.

Step 11

If you have a cable tray as an add-on, place it on the grooves given on top. Secure this with the screws given with it and L-Key.

Step 12

Get your mate to help you flip the desk. Plug it in and you’re good to go! L=Key.

Control panel settings

Control Panel Essentials
To save heights, bring the table to your desired level,
Then press M followed by (1,2,3 or 4) , depending which
number you wish to save that height at.

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