The spinal disc plays a vital role in our daily life. It not only acts as a shock absorber but provides much-needed support and flexibility to the upper body. A dislocated disc can cause herniation which can make your life difficult. Herniation of the disc results in the leakage of the fluids, which can cause severe pain in the back, which can go to your legs. The symptoms of disc herniation are generally felt in the age of 30-35, and they are usually a result of a lack of calcium in the body. However, disc herniation occurs when someone lifts a heavy item or twists their lower back. It could also happen when a person falls down and injures their back.

Ageing is a natural process, and it is known that it depletes the nutrients from the body. The fluids in the lower back decrease with time, increasing the chances of a lumbar herniated disc. However, the wrong body posture makes it worse and aggravates it. It deepens the symptoms and increases the chances of herniation. Some proper postures can reduce the cases of herniation.


How to lift in a correct manner?

Lifting puts a strain on your back. The load comes directly on your back when you lift an empty box or a heavy item. It is, therefore, only logical not to put any more pressure on your back through your body posture. While lifting an object, keeping the chest and taking stress on your upper body as much as possible is essential. Also, to position yourself correctly, bend your hips but keep your back straight. You must have seen how villagers who live in the mountains or tea plantation workers carry their stuff on their backs. That is the right way to take things on your back. Even when you have to change the direction while lifting an object, try to move your hips, lead the way through them, and give your back some rest. The chances of the herniated disc also occur when you carry the object away from your body, adding to the strain and pressure. Therefore, hold an object as close as possible to your body.

How sitting posture can result in a herniated disc?

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Do you know that a poor sitting posture can contribute to herniated disc more than lifting? It is because when you slouch for an extended period of time, it stretches the spinal ligament more than it should. This can result in a herniated disc. A poor sitting posture is more dangerous than walking as it adds to the strain on the lower back and can even tear the muscles. If you are a desk worker, having an ergonomic setup for your laptop is viable. When you slouch while working on a computer, you not only add unnecessary pressure on your spinal disc, but it also results in the problem of forward head posture. It is, therefore, essential to elevate the screen a bit higher than yourself and maintain a 90-degree posture while working.

Some tips which you can follow are:-

– Always keep your back straight and parallel with the chair.

– Find an ergonomic chair to improve your sitting posture

– Take microbreaks for some light stretching exercises

Have a good walking posture 

Having a good walking posture not only makes one attractive but also has several health-related benefits. Always walk with your back straight and shoulders upright to support your spinal disc. Interestingly, this position makes you look energetic and confident. One cannot guarantee that by incorporating these postures in your life, you can avoid lumbar herniated discs altogether, but they surely help by reducing the risk.

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