What is up with this age-old notion that people have to remain seated as they work? In these times when we are surrounded by upgraded technology such as portable laptops, smartphones, smart watches, height-adjustable desks etc. all the time, do we really need to keep following the old-fashioned, sitting-down, desk-and-chair mode of working? Absolutely not! Not only because it is archaic but also because it is unhealthy.
This is why corporations as well as the general population around the world are now adopting new principles of a productive workspace design. And among these enlightened principles ‘stand’ the height-adjustable desks. By incorporating some mechanical technology, height-adjustable or sit-stand desks have been made possible for us to get the best of both worlds!
Now, without having to leave their favourite spot, one can both sit and stand as per their comfort during the workday. Further, the movement that occurs as you oscillate between the sit-stand-sit positions is enough to give both your body and mind a little push during the workday. The benefits of this desk include reduced back and neck pain, lowered risks of heart disease, lowered blood sugar levels, and decreased.

Height-Adjustable Desks

What’s more, a 2014 study by Texas A&M University also showed how people at standing desks were over 45% more productive than those who were seated. So, the productivity will be maximised and your business will see better results too!
There is no doubt that every person is different, so what may be healthy for your colleague may not be so for you. Sit-stand desks give you the freedom to move around during your workday as per your convenience. It also allows room for little activities here and there such as walking around which is not only healthy, but can also help you ideate and focus better.
In essence, height-adjustable desks intelligently combine the pros of both sitting and standing desks while almost eliminating the cons of each. That is why numerous companies across the globes are switching to this innovative design and encouraging their usage at home.
And now you can also do the same, in the most efficient way possible!
Flowlyf offers height-adjustable desks so that you can lead a healthy work life and strike perfect balance between work and life via ergonomic furniture that is comfortable, healthy, and beneficial in several other ways! To grab one of these, please visit here.

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