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Installation Video

FlowDot™ Installation Video


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Scenario 1 – Conversion in the first 60 days (2 months)

Total amount paid in first 2 months: INR 7,180
Subscription: INR 2,980 + Security Deposit: 4,200
Amount remaining to own the Desk: INR 10,810
2ND month selling price 17,990 less Amount Paid 7,180

Scenario 2 – Conversion in month 6

Amount paid: INR 13,140
Subscription: INR 8,940 + Security Deposit: 4,200
Amount remaining to own the Desk: INR 6,450
6th month selling price 19,590 less Amount Paid 13,140


Lock In period

Lock-in on subscription of FlowDesk is 3 months. There is no maximum tenure.

Refundable security Deposit

A refundable security deposit is charged at the time of placing the order. Refer the price plan page for exact deposit for the desired model


Cancel any time by giving us an advance notice of 1 month ( subscription cannot be cancelled in lock in period )

Conversion from subscription to purchase
Conversion from subscription to purchase is free within the first 60 days. Post that a conversion charge is added to the FlowDesk selling price. Refer the FlowDesk conversion  matrix.

Monthly subscription shall be auto deducted either through credit cards or E- Mandate through bank account. We do not save any payment details and all transactions are end to end encrypted and secure through our payment gateway provider Razorpay

Switch or upgrade

In case the customer decides to switch or upgrade the FlowDesk during subscription tenure and then chooses to avail Subscribe to Own. The amount paid towards the monthly subscription of the earlier model shall not be adjusted against the purchase of new changed desk. And in this case the subscription cycle will start a fresh.

Post Cancellation

In the event of cancellation of subscription, please hold on to the original packing. In case of loss or damage of the packing material a replacement fee of INR 2000 (pre tax) shall be charged.

We have tried making the whole process as transparent and detailed as we can, in case if we have missed anything or if you have any questions. Please feel free.

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Have a question?

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Have a question?

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