FlowDesk™ 3

Good, Better, Best!

The most advanced standing desk is here. Details that truly matter, with the ergo-curve, invisible controls, seamless inbuilt cable management and stability at its finest, The FlowDesk 3 experience is the best & like no other!

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FlowDesk™ 3 Classic


FlowDesk™ 3 Max


FlowDesk™ 3 Classic


FlowDesk™ 3 Max


Size Guide

Ergo-Curve Edge

The curved shape edge isn’t just a groovy design, it provides you to scooch in for easy access to the ends of your desk, the bevelled edges give support to your wrist for easy working. 

Inbuilt Cable Manager Groove

You don’t have to choose work sides anymore, wherever you are, the wires have seamless access! 

Stability Bar

The bar has been set high to support the most stable desk in the market. Stability is at its finest, making the height adjustable desk wobble less by almost 70%. Wouldn’t find this on any other Brand.

3 Stage Height Adjustability With Dual Motor

Powered by a twin aviation grade electric motor, the desk ensures a strong durable core strength which can take upto 120kgs easily! The height adjustment mechanism, has been rigorously tested for almost 20,000 cycles. ( 10 years of use)

Utility Tray

With the wire manager comes an easy trinket tray, organise your everyday stationary & keys, the desk has a place for it all! 

Touch Screen Invisible Controls

It’s like it was never there! The hidden touch controls allow you to manage your desired height and punch it back in making it invisible. 

C-Type Core

This gives more room for your feet and stability for the surface. The Aesthetics of this design makes it the most beautiful desk out there

Solid Wood Acacia Surface

The hues never give you blues, the finest workmanship is crafted all along the surface, making it a statement anywhere it stands. 

Rounded Feet Design

Soft and inviting is the language we follow all long, the rounded feet are kid-proof so that bumping in never hurts! 

Heavy Duty Side Angles

Every element of the FlowDesk has to be in Flow, including the easy wave design to set the core apart like no other!  The robust side bar is the finest support that your desk needs

Dust Resistant Matte Finish

The core has been carefully powder coated for a feather touch finish.

Adjustable Cable Tray

A clutter free space is a clutter free mindKeep it simple, access the plugs with ease and manage your wire clutter! You can even adjust the height of the tray depending on the space you need

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