Ergonomic Tips: Computer Use by Senior Citizens

Positioning of the Keyboard It is crucial to place the computer keyboard in a neutral, flat position so that the fingers can type. This can be achieved in many ways. You can place your keyboard on a tray with a negative slope and height adjustment that attaches to a desk or table. This type of […]

Here Are Best 5 Ergonomic Laptop Setup Tips


Working on a laptop for a long time can result in several health-related problems, including neck pain, herniated lumbar disc and back pain. How you set up your laptop at work or home affects your posture and muscles. After the pandemic, many people have opted for a work-from-home setup which is quite convenient. However, the […]

Ergonomic Eye-opening Benefits of Dual Monitors


The use of two monitors at the computer workstation has recently gained in popularity. The advantages of using two monitors include increased computer desktop space, the opportunity to organise and segregate work, and increased productivity. The proper ergonomic set-up of the monitors is important to prevent pain and discomfort. Positioning Dual Monitors The use of […]

What is ergonomic furniture? and benefits of ergonomic furniture


Ergonomic furniture refers to chairs, desks, and other pieces of equipment that are designed to complement good posture and minimise the risk of injury. These products vary in style but are typically high-quality, well-designed, and functional. They come with a variety of features geared at promoting comfort and body awareness in the workplace. Ergonomic furniture […]

4 unanticipated ways to immediately improve work station ergonomics

Ergonomics, Standing desk

The right ergonomics can not only increase productivity but also reduce the risk of long-term health problems like back pain and neck pain.We spend a lot of time working, and we want to make the most of our time. A comfortable, ergonomic workspace can help us achieve our goals, and also keep us healthy and […]

6 blindsiding Common Ergonomic Injuries at the Office and How to Avoid them?


6 Common Ergonomic Injuries at the Office, we sit for long hours at our desks, concentrating on work to meet our professional goals. But, we are completely unaware of the damage to our health we make every day just by sitting all day long. This inactive working life causes many health complications, and some of […]