6 Common Ergonomic Injuries at the Office, we sit for long hours at our desks, concentrating on work to meet our professional goals. But, we are completely unaware of the damage to our health we make every day just by sitting all day long. This inactive working life causes many health complications, and some of them are severe ones, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and more.

We have mentioned six common ergonomic injuries that people with desk jobs experience at work often. We have also provided some solutions for you to get a safer work environment.

Lower back pain and injury:


back pain and desk job work hand in hand. The excessive sitting while working on your desk is the primary cause of back discomfort. People Sitting for more than 8 hours a day experience back pain because of the stress on their back. This can result in severe injuries.

The Solution: Correcting your sitting posture will help ease back pain. You should sit up straight and comfortably, placing your spine on the backrests of your chair. Can also use a pillow to support your spine’s natural curve , which helps to reduce back pain. A chair that is ergonomic can help to resolve the issue.
An adjustable height desk will allow you to get the greatest advantages. It is possible to stand and stretch to ease the muscle tension , which reduces the back pain you experience.

Carpal tunnel syndrome:


The condition is caused by an ongoing movement of your wrists being bent incorrectly. When using a mouse, as well as typing on your keyboard, the incorrect posture of your wrist causes this problem. It can take up to up to a week or one month to heal.

The Solutions: Keeping the keyboard at an elbow’s height will assist you in avoiding this issue. Keep your arms close to them naturally. Do wrist and hand exercises to prevent this condition. Using a sitting-stand desk can assist you to make your workspace ergonomically ideal to ensure a safe work environment.

Rotator cuff injuries:


This kind of injury is typical while working at the office and the manual job. The rotator cuff is part of your arms and when you lift your arms in a way that is not natural this kind of injury can occur.

The Solutions: Do not put the pressure on your shoulders while working. Be careful not to hurt your shoulders.

Neck injuries:


A poor posture can be the cause for neck injuries. When working, we are prone to lean back in our chairs. A forward bend in your back is a typical posture error that we all make in order to have a clear view of our screens. This could result in neck injuries.

The Solutions: Standing or sitting down, keep your body upright. Maintain your neck in a neutral position, which supports the natural curvature of your spine. Use an ergonomic chair and an ergonomic desk to ease the discomfort.

Knee injuries:


Many people thought sitting could not cause knee injuries because there is no tear in the knee muscles. But, sitting with bad posture puts lateral stress on your knees, and that injures your muscles.

The Solutions: The right sitting posture cannot cause this problem. While sitting, keep your feet flat on the floor. Bend your knee at a 90-degree angle, keeping your thighs parallel to the ground.

Eye strain:


Eye strain is yet another injury that can be caused at the workplace. It can cause headaches and relieving them is an actual issue. It can also trigger dry eye problems.

The Solutions:
You can adjust the brightness of your screen. You can choose a monitor that has an anti-reflective coating. Wear glasses that block glare to shield your eyes. It is important to pay attention to ergonomics in the workplace too. Set your monitor approximately an arm’s distance away and keep the top of your screen at your eye level.

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